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Expert Committee

WU Haiyan

Professor/Doctoral Supervisor,China Academy of Art;

Distinguished Educator,“Ten ThousandTalentsProgram”of China;

China Fashion DesignerTop Award,China Fashion Award

Academic Positions:

Former Dean/Member of Academic Committee/Professor/Doctoral Supervisor, School of Design, China Academy of Art;

Member, 7thDiscipline Review Group, Academic Degrees Committee, State Council of China;

VicePresident/Board Director/ArtsFellow/Jury Member, China Fashion Association;

President,Zhejiang AssociationofCreative Design, China;

VicePresident, Zhejiang AssociationforScience and TechnologyWorkers, China;

Board Director, Asia Fashion Federation;

ExecutivePresident,China Committee, Asia Fashion Federation;

Member, Expert Committee, Textile and Garment Chamber of Commerce,All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce;

Member, Expert Committee, ChinaFashionandColor Association;

Director, ChinaHomeTextile Association;

Vice President, Interior Culture Research Association, ChinaHomeTextile Association;

Vice President, Designers Branch,ChinaHomeTextile Association;

Board Director, Fabric Committee, ChinaHomeTextile Association;

President,Folk Artists Association of Zhejiang Province, China;

Member, ZhejiangProvincialFederation of Literary and Art Circles, China;

Executive Director, Zhejiang Garment Industry Association, China;

Board Director, Zhejiang Artists Association,China;

Honorary Vice President, Hangzhou Fashion Designers Association, China

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