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Expert Committee

DENG Zhaoping

Best Women’sWearDesigner,China Fashion Award;

China’s Top10Fashion Designers;

China TextileIntangible CulturalHeritage Promotion Ambassador;

Guangdong Textile and Clothing Intangible CulturalHeritage Promotion Ambassador;

CantonFolkCulture Promotion Ambassador, Guangdong Province, China;

Board Director, Asia Fashion Federation;

Board Director, China Fashion Association;

ExecutiveMember,ArtsCommittee,China Fashion Association;

Executive Vice President, Guangdong Fashion Designers Association, China;

President, Fashion Industry Branch,Guangzhou NewSocial StratumAssociation, China;

Adjunct Postgraduate Supervisor,Guangzhou University, China;

ExecutivePresident/Design Director, GuangdongPolyimideEnterpriseCo., Ltd;

Chief Operating Officer,Deng ZhaopingPrivate Customization;

President/Design Director, ShaoxingSiyuClothing Technology Development Co., Ltd

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